You Can Create the Life You Want…But It Won’t Be Easy

Tracy Edwards
4 min readFeb 2

In life, there are some absolutes. One is we are all going to die one day. Another is we all get the same 24 hours in a day. How you use that time is up to you. After that, everything else is up for grabs. How you spend your time, what you eat, who you socialize with and every other decision in your life is up to you. That being said, we all have a picture of what we want our lives to look like. Where we work, where we socialize, where we live, what kind of car we drive, who we date are some of the things that are in this picture. Unfortunately, most people will not have the life that they imagined. It’s not because they don’t have the ability, it’s because it is a very hard thing to do. There is a degree of difficulty that most people do not want to encounter and that is okay. For those few who do, here are five things that you must do to create the life you want.

  1. You must have patience. Nothing worthwhile is ever done quick and overnight. It takes time, perseverance and sacrifice. There are countless hours of work. There are days of intense doubt. There are moments of angst and depression due to countless failures. Through it all you must believe you will get there and have the patience to do it. You must believe and be patient when things don’t go as planned and you realize that your goal may take a little longer than you expected. You must be patient when you have an option that is easier and you can get your life back to “normal”. You must be patient when everybody around you is asking you why you are doing this to yourself. Just remember that whatever it is that you are seeking is attained by only a few. This is why most people, me included, don’t want to run marathons. This is why most people don’t want to work out and get in shape. They require a discipline and patience that most don’t have. So in pursuing the life you want, patience is a must.
  2. You cannot be afraid of discomfort. Most people lead comfortable lives. They make work hard for a specific extended period of time because they know it’s only temporary as they eventually go back to their regular duties of their job. To get the life you want or for that matter anything you want, you will have to endure periods of discomfort. This is what I call the test of how bad you really want it. You will have to stay in when you want to go out. You will see your friends traveling all over the world while you are at home working on your goals. You might see a dip in your bank account that you might not be used to and that…
Tracy Edwards

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