Why I Love Seeing Others Succeed

Tracy Edwards
4 min readFeb 2, 2021

I like being being successful. I like working working towards it and everything that it entails. I like the the ups and the downs and all of the learning that comes with it. I love the challenge of accomplishing something that makes me think. But more than anything, I love seeing others succeed. For I realize that at the end of the day, life is about more than me. It is about helping and serving others in order to better their lives. This is where the real satisfaction lies. Here are three reasons why I love seeing others succeed.

  1. I know the hard work they put in. Success is a not a straight line. There are many obstacles and setbacks that must be overcome in order to succeed. You fail a few times, you have financial problems, you have a few bad relationships, you have some health problems, you are told you are not good enough, you lose confidence in yourself are just some of the roadblocks to success. Yet, those who succeed plow through and reach their goals despite all of this. And I admire because I know all of the work, sweat and sacrifice that went into it. They somehow find a way to get it done despite everything that has gone against them. Even in the toughest of times, they still believed they were going to reach their goals. I know this feeling well and I admire anybody who perseveres and pushes through. A friend of once nailed down a big client that he had been working on for 6 months and I was ecstatic for him. For I saw all of the preparation and hard work he put in. I saw the endless number of phone calls that he had with client and his staff. I saw the moments when frustration and doubt creeped in and caused him to worry. But in the end he came through and sold the deal. When all of the dust had settled, I felt like I won because I somewhat went through it with him. I saw all of the ups and downs before he finally arrived to his destination of completing the sale.
  2. I can learn from them. I look at life as one big evolution process where I am changing for the better a little everyday. I am not the same person today as I was 10 years ago (thank goodness!) And learning from people who succeed is part of the process. I love it because I can figure out some things that I did wrong in order to make my life better. I can incorporate some habits and practices that they use to be successful to help create my own success. I have a friend who never read and now reads at least 30 minutes a day. I asked him why he started reading and how has it affected his life. He said that he wanted to be more informed and…
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