The Power of Kindness

Tracy Edwards
4 min readJan 5, 2021

During the holiday season, there is an eruption of kindness. People giving and sharing at a level that is unseen during other parts of the year. Why is this? Is it because the holidays make us aware of those less fortunate than us? Is it because we just see an increased frequency in the generosity of others? Whatever the reason is, I think kindness is needed everyday of the year. It is a superpower that is severely underused. Its effects are often swift, powerful and always positive. Here is why we need kindness all of the time.

1. It’s contagious. Have you ever seen or a heard about an act of kindness and then immediately wanted to do the same? Something inside of you says who can I help or where I can have a positive impact on someone’s life? That is the power of kindness pulling at you. It is the magic that keeps this world moving forward. People for the most part are decent and caring human beings and most want to help others. I have memories of my grandmother and mother always helping others and vice versa when I was a kid and that has stuck with me my whole life. One particular incident sticks out in my mind. As a youth I played soccer and every year we had team pictures. One year the pictures came in and one of my teammate’s dad paid for my pictures because my mom didn’t get paid that week and we didn’t have the money yet. The next week when I went to give him the money for the pictures, he just waved me away and said consider it an early Christmas gift. It was June. Obviously, it is something that I have never forgotten. It is part of the reason I am so giving today. And kindness is not all about money. It could be food, time or just a few soothing words. Anything that lifts a person’s spirit up is always needed.

2. It changes lives. We all encounter obstacles and problems in our daily life. Some are small, some are big but regardless they are some form of stress that you do not want or need. A simple act of kindness can change the whole trajectory of someone’s life. It could be the thing they needed to get going in the right direction or just something that helped them get out of a certain situation. I remember I was just having some real tough times about 4 years ago and everything seemed to be going wrong. Rent was late, car problems and deals which promised substantial income fell through. Money was tight and I was stressed out. My landlord at the time knew how hard I worked and she gave me some leeway. She let me pay rent 30 days later and said to catch up when I could. That was the lifeline I needed. I cannot…

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