10 Little Things That Make My Life Enjoyable

Tracy Edwards
4 min readNov 16, 2021

It is definitely true that life is what you make it. You have your ups and downs but through all of it , you want to enjoy it as much as you can. My goal is to have many more ups than downs. And in pursuing that goal, it is the little things that help me get there. Yes I know the parties, the nightlife, the festivals, the trips and anything of that nature are what everyone shoots for but for me there is more to it. Obviously, you can’t party, go out, socialize or travel all of the time. So there that has to be something that stimulates you and gives you moments of joy and happiness within the realm of your everyday life. And for me, it is the little things that do it for me. Mundane activities and casual moments that we take for granted are what make my life meaningful and joyful. Let’s delve into these things.

1. Listening to music. I really, really love music. When I am working, when I am driving, when I am working out and pretty much when I am doing anything, I listen to music. I listen to many different genres depending on my mood. Music always raises my spirits and puts me in a better mood.

2. Drinking coffee on the weekends in my house. A small but much needed thing. I drink coffee during the week but there is always work to worry about. My weekends are about relaxing and enjoying myself. Coffee relaxes me and it increases the value of my weekends. I get to sit back, savor and enjoy the moment. I look out the window of my 14th floor apartment and let my mind wander.

3. Walking. I picked up walking during the pandemic because the gyms were closed and I needed do some type of cardio. What I found out was that I really enjoyed it for the mental and spiritual effects it had on my life. Whenever I walked, I ALWAYS felt better mentally and spiritually. Now, over 18 months later, these walks are an integral part of my life.

4. Cooking my meals. For general health reasons, I have always been a fan of cooking. So once the pandemic started, I had to do it everyday because I was not ordering delivery or pickup everyday. I found that I enjoyed the process. It was therapy. Putting all of the ingredients together to make a delicious and nourishing meal is pure joy to me. The feeling of accomplishment always helps too.

5. Playing and teaching tennis. I have been playing tennis since I was 10. Took a little break from it in my late 20s to early 30s and started playing it consistently again at 35. Since then it has been an…

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